Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik

Digital Classrooms

At Rudra School, the focus is on providing the best facilities to students. School classrooms are equipped with DigiClass solution Digitally, a content platform that provides e-learning content based on Cognitive Learning Approach for all grades. Know about digital literacy.

Robotics Lab

In the School curriculum, Robology is included. Stem education is essential in preparing students for innovation. Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills. Students developed creative thinking through robotics. Students learn physical skills like creative thinking, programming skills, teamwork, and fun. Robotics is an engaging and effective technique to get students interested in other disciplines while also introducing them to programming.

Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik Robotics-Lab
Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik Musical-Lab

Music lab

Rudra school has a well-developed music lab. The School provied training in playing instruments such as Guitar, Harmonium, synthesizer, Keyboard, Congo, and Tabla. The importance of music goes away beyond academic achievements. It covers every aspect of a child’s growth and builds the groundwork for a future music career. Music sparks all areas of child development.
Musical training helps develop language and reasoning. Music has been shown to help children develop various cognitive skills, including memory, language, and problem-solving abilities. Music can also help children develop emotional intelligence by allowing them to express themselves and understand different emotions.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fun recreational activity. It has many intrinsic benefits for children. Horse riding improves balance and motor coordination. Horse riding improves children’s learning ability. Horse riding teaches a lot of self-discipline and can increase your child’s patience level.
Riders can develop better reflexes and a sense of balance and coordination as They control and drive the horse forward with their entire bodies. Additionally, riding has cardiac advantages. Muscles and physical strength are developed by riding, loading saddles onto horses, mucking stalls, lugging hay bales, and other activities.

Rudra Best CBSE school in Nashik HORSE RIDING
Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik Computer-Lab2

Computer lab

The computer lab is a Hub for e-learning where students from class 1st upward have access to computers and are trained in programming and networking to empower them to take their place as responsible citizens in the digital world. Students learn computer graphics like animation, slide shows, how to use projects, etc.
In-class computer instruction is crucial for students’ professional growth. The most effective tool for pupils to use to acquire new skills and more advanced versions of present lessons is a computer with internet access. The uses for computers and the internet are expanding quickly and day by day.

Skating Improves

Skating improves balancing skills and flexibility. Skating classes are conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays within school hours. Students from class 1st upwards are given lessons in skating – a skill that is displayed in a performance at different competitions held in Nashik district. Skating improves all the body’s muscles, especially the heart.
Skating for exercise helps kids burn off extra energy, build strong muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. Stress reduction – Skating is a great way to alleviate back-to-school stress, and it provides a welcome distraction from every day worries.

Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik
Best-Cbse-School-In-Nashik-Rudra-Rudra-school-CCTV-Camera (1)

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV ensures the safety of children. Now In Every school CCTV camera is the prime concern of the school. It is used for many other tasks like monitoring student behavior and improving the learning environment. We are providing CCTV facilities not only for school premises but for every class. ‘ Your kid’s safety is our priority.’

Abacus and Vedic Maths

It enhances and strengthens a child’s memory. It fosters a child’s inventiveness as well. It facilitates speedier calculating. A child’s understanding of the abacus is crucial for their general growth as well as their mathematical development.

Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik school price
Best-Cbse-School-In-Nashik-Rudra-Rudra-school Bus


The school provides bus transportation from every part of the city, placing the utmost focus on the comfort and safety of the children. The admin office can provide you with the fees and requirements for the same.

Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik


The school playground is an important facility for children to play every day on their own initiative. It puts enormous positive impacts on children’s development and learning. This facility for students makes primary education livelier and student friendly.


First bag less School

Rudra school is the first bagless school in Nashik. We provide a locker to every student. Students don’t have to carry all the books daily. Only homework books given by the teacher have to carry by students. Students learn joyfully in school. Our school does not put the “burdens” of learning on their backs!

Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik No-Bag2
Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik

First practical base curriculum

Rudra School teaches every subject practically. All students are not equal, some students understand teaching but forget after some time. Rudra believes in teaching the students all concepts in a practical way so that they can apply their learning to real-life situations.

School Library

A variety of periodicals, journals, magazines, bulletins, fiction, reference books, and volumes of encyclopedias are available at the school’s well-stocked library. This enhances the students’ literary ability, which is a key component of our reading curriculum.


Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik
Rudra the Best CBSE School In Nashik Science-Lab

Science lab 

Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They gain first-hand knowledge by conducting numerous experiments on their own. It is also found that school science lab equipment and supplies make teaching and learning easy both for the teachers, as well as for the students.