Care to be taken while taking admission?


*Parents of children taking admission in English medium, the question is not only about the marks of the child, but also about the quality. Because academic marks cannot determine the quality of any student. As time goes by, competition is increasing. Expectations from our parents are increasing. Is the medium of education chosen by you suitable for that? Is the chosen school right

What exactly is the right school?

A good school is not a beautiful building built by spending a lot of money. It is important to teach each student through new experiments to adopt a method where he can understand what is being taught. Along with education, physical education is also very important. For that the school must have adequate playground.

Age concern while choosing a board/course?

Consideration of the intellectual level of the student After that selects the board/course. Student safety? Use Smart Eye while entering school premises. D. of the card Parents can stay connected with students through the GPS system. Based on the concept of this experiment, Rudra practical School is working in Nashik city.

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